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The Story of Dood

The Story of Dood

My name is DOOD. I am an eternally happy 9-year old little DODO. I was born many centuries ago when pirates and battleships used to roam our seas, ready to raid ships for spices, gold coins and silk. I live on a little tropical island called Mauritius. This land of myth and adventures, where giant tortoises used to roam freely and big fat birds could not fly, is today known as ‘the Star and Key of the Indian Ocean’. Some call it: ‘Paradise’.

In the summer of 1983, I met a young couple called Emmanuel and Lily who created a collection of t-shirts inspired by the beauty of my native island. The brand ‘Citadel’ was born. To date, the million and more t-shirts sold reflect the wild success of the brand. I became their mascot and their youngest son, Frederick fondly gave me the name of DOOD (an anagram of ‘DODO’). We became best friends and…explorers. Together, we had so much fun! Our adventures have been relayed on countless Citadel’s t-shirts with folkloric anecdotes and favourite local slang phrases. 

Today, Frederick has grown up and is no longer a kid. But I remain one. Together with Emmanuel, Lily and his siblings, Frederick decided to give me a permanent home. A place where with my new playmates, we can go on new adventures. It is called DOODLAND.