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Origin of Doodland

Origin of Doodland

DoodlandDood and Citadel Trilogy by Tamak Group.
The trilogy of Citadel (1983) Dood (2011) and Doodland (2018)
have all been inspired by our love of Mauritius
And the passionate desire to make Mauritius a better country

Citadel - Yes Mauritius.
It all started in 1983, when a young couple, Lily and Emmanuel Tsang Mang Kin started printing in their garage, Citadel T-shirts, with Mauritian designs, taking their inspiration from the beauty of their native island.
Citadel was an immediate success, selling millions of T-shirts to Mauritians all over the world.
If you love Mauritius, you are a “Mauritian by love.”

To share this patriotic love, Citadel directed a 2 minute film
« Citadel Yes Mauritius » available on YouTube.

Dood - Nou Camarade,
In line with our passion to share the Mauritius we love, we decided to create an optimistic inspirational character who would be a role model to all Mauritians.
We gave Dood, the qualities we would cherish in our friends and hopefully find within ourselves.
Dood had to be human with all its contradictions, and not be boringly perfect. A friend with whom we can all relate.
He would be dependable, passionate and of course, optimistic.

Immediately, our emblematic Dodo came to mind,
So we name our hero, Dood, the anagram of dodo.
France has Astérix, Now we have our Dood.

Dood prefers to speak creole, to convey best his emotions.
How are you ? “Ici Tou Korek”
But when he’s hungry, he would mumble “ Pas Koze “

Dood is always in his best jovial mood,
when he is enjoying our local dishes;
Dholl Pouri, Gâteaux Piment, Briani, Mine Frire.

Doodland - Kids & Family

Doodland has been conceived to celebrate the child and give the
parents the opportunity spend quality times with their children.
By playing with the child in the KidsClub,
Buying an educational toy in the ToyShop
Having a meal together in the Restaurant
Sharing a dessert in the Dessert Lounge.

Doodland consists of 3 main sections,
1. The KidsClub,
2. The ToyShop and
3. The Restaurant ( Celebs) with its Dessert Lounge.