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Doodland Art Contest 2021

Doodland Art Contest 2021

Theme Dood - Paintings or Drawings (on A3 size )

Open to All: 3- 8 yrs old, 9 -12 yrs old & 13- 16yrs old.

1st Prize Rs 3000 and 2nd Prize Rs 1000 for each age  group.

To be submitted by 28th Nov 2021 in Doodland, Bagatelle.

Join the Doodland Club for free and start enjoying the privileges,

And your child can participate and you can vote for the Winners

Award Ceremony to be held on 5/12/21 in Doodland.

Sponsored by Citadel



To participate in the Doodland Art Contest:

* Any kid 3-16 yrs old can participate in the doodland Art Contest.
* The parent must fill the Doodland Club membership form, with the names of other members of the family, including the children
* Only Doodland Club Members can vote for the winners of Doodland  Art Contest 2021 from 29/11/21 to 4/12/21.
* The public can apply for Doodland Club membership for free.
* Each adult member has one vote for each of the 3 age groups.
* Doodland Award Ceremony will be in Doodland Event Restaurant on Sunday the 5th of December 21.
* The Doodland Art Contest  2021 paintings and drawings will be on display in Doodland KidsClub and on website.
* Doodland reserves the right to use the paintings and drawings of the Doodland Art Contest as it sees fit.

Where to get the materials to paint:

* Doodland Toys&Gifts has a large range of visual art materials for participants of Doodland Art Contest 2021

*  Dodland Club Members will save 10% on a large range of Visual Art Materials