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1665289 SPARK LABS - Prehistoric Sea Dogs

Rs 899.00

Prehistoric Sea Dogs Breed your own prehistoric crustaceans! As soon as the eggs are placed in the salty water the larvae hatch, which them grow into small shrimp. Learn how these creatures have survived for millions of years. You can...

1665234 3 DETECTIVES Cryptex

Rs 999.00

Three Detectives Cryptex Every detective needs a secret storage solution to keep those important clues safe! With the Cryptex, this is easy. Write a combination number, programme it in and keep the code somewhere safe.

699345 BOARD GAME Ubongo Travel Edition

Rs 1,299.00

In this fast-paced, addictive, and easy-to-learn puzzle game, your goal is to fit a set of interlocking tiles perfectly into a specific area. Based on the original hit board game Ubongo, this compact version features 15 colorful plastic tiles, 20 puzzle...

697907 Exit The Haunted Roller Coaster

Rs 1,199.00

Dark corridors, terrifying shrieks, bone-chilling monsters — sounds like a lot of fun, right? At least that’s what you thought when you decided to take a ride on the haunted roller coaster at the amusement park. But suddenly you are...

696118 BOARD GAME The Lost Words

Rs 1,299.00

The Lost Words is a card game based on the stunning book by best-selling author Robert Macfarlane, and acclaimed Illustrator of over 40 beloved classics, Jackie Morris. The book, which highlights nature that has been lost to a new generation,...

696117 BOARD GAME Ingenious Extreme

Rs 2,999.00

Ingenious Extreme, for a more challenging game of Ingenious! Featuring the same game play as the original but with the domino-style tiles consisting of two conjoined octagons instead of hexagons. Ingenious Extreme features eight different colours for the tiles, in...

696115 BOARD GAME Ingenious

Rs 2,999.00

Ingenious has captured the hearts and minds of families and gamers around the world. This international bestseller is one of those rare games that appeals to serious gamers and casual "non-gamers" alike. In Ingenious, one to four players take turns...

695133 BOARD GAME Adv. Games Volcano Island

Rs 1,599.00

In this cooperative game, you take on the role of four students traveling together on a remote and mysterious island. You are looking into some strange events that have been happening — incidents that the police believe are natural occurrences,...

695132 BOARD GAME Adv. Games Monochrome Inc

Rs 1,599.00

A thrilling adventure set in the headquarters of Monochrome Inc., a biotech company with some nasty secrets. You manage to get inside, and then it’s up to you to figure out what to do. Similar to a PC adventure game,...

694289 Exit The Catacombs of Horror

Rs 1,699.00

Gloomy crypts lie under the city of Paris. The catacombs swallow city light, riddles, and, apparently, also people. After the mysterious disappearance of a friend in the catacombs, you and your team embark on a search party, making your way...

694272 BOARD GAME Imhotep The Duel

Rs 1,999.00

The competition of the builders continues in Imhotep: The Duel! In this game, players take on the roles of Nefertiti and Akhenaten, one of Egypt's most famous royal couples. Game pieces must be cleverly placed so that players can unload...

694067 BOARD GAME Imhotep A New Dynasty

Rs 1,999.00

Imhotep. The legendary architect of the Egyptian monuments. His awe-inspiring structures and brutal tactics earned him divine status among ancient Egyptians. Can you match his ruthless determination to build the most revered monuments? To do this, you will need to...

694050 Exit The Sunken Treasure

Rs 1,199.00

Setting sail for dangerous waters, you embark on a treacherous quest for the legendary treasure of the Santa Maria. While investigating a mysterious shipwreck, something goes terribly wrong and you are trapped deep underwater! Can you solve the riddles of...

692878 Exit Puzzle Deserted Lighthouse

Rs 1,899.00

In EXIT The Game: The Deserted Lighthouse, you must work to solve the riddles and reach the lighthouse’s top to activate its beacon, saving the approaching ship before it smashes against the rocks and sinks to the bottom of the...

692877 Exit Puzzle The Sacred Temple

Rs 1,899.00

In EXIT: The Sacred Temple, you are racing through the jungle on a small island in the Indian Ocean, trying to save the professor and find the Sacred Temple before the treasure hunters do. Only this time it’s different because...

692876 Exit The Cemetery of the Knight

Rs 1,199.00

According to an old legend, a priceless red ruby is said to be hidden in the tomb of Sir Reginald Wreston and it can only be found when the moon is at just the right angle in the night’s sky....

692875 Exit The Enchanted Forest

Rs 1,199.00

What you had planned to be a relaxing walk in the woods suddenly takes a very different turn. As you are walking over a bridge, it unexpectedly disappears behind you and you begin to encounter strange fairytale creatures and even...

692874 Exit The Stormy Flight

Rs 1,199.00

You are crew members on a passenger plane bound for Barbados. You have flown this route countless times already and have experienced everything possible (and impossible) on these flights: technical malfunctions, turbulence … even tour groups who are flying to...

692873 Exit The Theft on the Mississippi

Rs 1,199.00

Can you solve the robbery on the Mississippi River? You’re a team of investigators traveling the Mississippi on a paddle-wheel steamboat in 1872. Last night there was a robbery. A successful businessman was carrying documents of inestimable value, and now...

692841 BOARD GAME LOA - Dark Heroes

Rs 1,999.00

Expansion for 5 and 6 players Four unconventional heroes and heroines are called upon to help the Andori: Darh, the summoner of the mighty bone-golems; Forn, the strong half-skral; Leander, the shadowy seer, and Drukil, the werebear — a shape-shifter...

692803 BOARD GAME LOA - The Last Hope

Rs 4,599.00

When the Krahder ended their raid, they captured countless residents of Andor. But, finally, the heroes of Andor returned and resolved to free the prisoners. You must immediately venture to the south to endure your greatest adventure. Beyond the Gray...

692384 BOARD GAME Imhotep

Rs 2,999.00

In Imhotep, the players become builders in Egypt who want to emulate the first and best-known architect there, namely Imhotep.Over six rounds, they move wooden stones by boat to create five seminal monuments, and on a turn, a player chooses...

692346 BOARD GAME LOA - Journey to the North

Rs 4,599.00

After many years of living in peace, the heroes of Andor receive a new cry for help — this time from distant land of Hadria. You immediately step aboard an old sailing vessel to embark on a perilous journey to...

692261 BOARD GAME LOA - New Heroes

Rs 1,999.00

Expansion for 5 and 6 Players. Four new heroes and heroines have risen to protect Andor: Kheela, protector of the river lands, commander of the potent water spirit. Fenn, the tracker, possessor of special tools and weapons. Mighty Bragor, the...

691868 BOARD GAME The Crew

Rs 1,299.00

Astronauts wanted! The scientific community is abuzz over signs of a mysterious planet located at the edge of our solar system. But despite all of their efforts, so far they have been unable to provide substantial evidence of its existence....

691806 BOARD GAME Kahuna

Rs 1,999.00

Who Will Rule The South Seas Two Kahuna Ancient Sorcerers Of The Pacific Compete For Dominance On An Archipelago Consisting Of Twelve Small Islands. Using Their Magic And Wisdom, They Struggle For Control Of The Islands. They Anxiously Await The...

691747 BOARD GAME Andor Family

Rs 2,499.00

Venture into a land of fantasy and legend! In this cooperative family role-playing game, each player chooses one of four powerful heroes: the magician, the warrior, the archer, or the dwarf. Your heroic journey begins with a mission to rescue...

691746 BOARD GAME LOA The Liberation of Rietburg

Rs 1,999.00

In this stand-alone game set in the fantasy world of Andor, Rietburg Castle has been taken over by evil creatures. Without delay, you — the Heroes of Andor — take on the task of rescuing old King Brandur’s fortress and...

691554 BOARD GAME Aqualin

Rs 1,999.00

Aqualin is a two-player strategy game that is easy to learn but challenging to master. During the game, each player attempts to group together as many matching tiles as possible, and to form the most groups. One player works to...

680286 MAGIC Rabbits Hat Wand (1 Wand unit)

Rs 249.00

Every magician needs a wand! With this special magic wand, you can practice and perform ten awesome magic tricks. Make the wand appear to levitate in front of you. Wow your audience when the wand magically lifts itself up in...

665069 EXPLORATION Simple Machines

Rs 2,799.00

An elementary introduction to mechanical physics Builds 26 working models Models can be assembled and disassembled again and again Combine the pieces to create your own configurations, limited only by your imagination

630912 3 DETECTIVES Master Detective Toolkit

Rs 3,699.00

Learn about how detectives use forensic science to answer questions, gather evidence, and solve crimes Experiment with the equipment and techniques used by real detectives Learn about securing a crime scene, and gathering and documenting evidence, including fingerprints, footprints, and...

625314 PHYSICS - Physics Pro

Rs 7,999.00

Build some really spectacular models and devices, such as a wind tunnel, pneumatic shocks, and a hydraulic lift Begin your study of more advanced topics in physics, including fluid dynamics, energy, oscillation, hydraulics, and pneumatics You will investigate how air...

620375 SIGNATURE Robotics Smart Machines

Rs 9,999.00

Robotics is a vast, thrilling, and sometimes overwhelming interdisciplinary field involving physics, engineering, and computer science. This kit gives kids a simple, fun, and customisable introduction to robotics that lets them build eight motorised machines controlled by programs and an...

620302 SIGNATURE Tightrope Gyrobot

Rs 2,999.00

A robot fit for the circus! With this kit, you can build a robot that walks, step by step, along a tightrope. How? Thanks to the robot’s main component, a gyroscope, it can maintain its balance and perform this fun...

606916 Kids First Stars and Planets

Rs 1,399.00

Moving solar system guide. Star tube, good item. Make a model earth. 18 page activity and instruction book. Box 7.75"/19.5cm.

606115 Kids First Plants Science

Rs 1,399.00

Experiment with leaves, seeds and roots Watch a plant grow through a maze Sprout seeds and watch them grow Suitable for children age 5+

694043 Exit: The House of Riddles 10+

Rs 859.00

Unique story line: in this adventure from the exit: the game series, players are summoned to an abandoned house to solve a mystery, but upon arrival, they get locked Inside! Can you crack The case and escape? Teamwork: up to...

692650 A Column of Fire: The Game 12+

Rs 3,299.00

The setting is Europe in the time of Elizabeth I. In England, France, Spain and the Netherlands, Catholics and Protestants compete for power and influence. In this politically unstable environment, resourceful operatives and courageous secret agents plot to secure power...

555004 Remote Control Machines 8+

Rs 4,499.00

Build your own motorized vehicles and machines Unique six button infrared remote control Three motors can be combined to make complex vehicles and machines in numerous configurations Assemble up to 10 models Kit comes with everything you need

Ooze Labs Display (contains 25 individual tubes) +7

Rs 399.00

24 durable test tubes of slime, instant snow, quicksand, crystals and more. Great for stocking stuffers or party favors. Includes storage display for easy access. Includes: Magnetic Slime x 4Hot Ice Crystals x 2Magic Sand x 2Hypercolor Slime x 2Glow-in-the-Dark Slime x 3Sunshine Slime x 2Glitter Slime x 3Instant Snow x 2Glowing Galaxy Slime x 2 Quicksand Oozebleck x 2Color Cardboard Storage...

BGPAREN Paris - City of Light

Rs 1,629.00

Light up the streets of Paris and give the city its magic with this 2-Player board game, Paris:La Cit de la Lumire, where strategy and glamour walk hand in hand. Go back to the 19thcentury Paris, during the Worlds Fair,...

BGMONEN The Colour Monster 8+

Rs 2,799.00

he Colour Monster is a unique board game that encourages discussion of our different emotions and aids in helping to understand them. Players need to collaborate to help the Monster figure out his emotions (Happiness, Sadness, Anger, Fear or Calm)...

BGCHECKEN Checkpoint Charlie 8+

Rs 1,279.00

Age range 10 and up/ Number of players 3 to 5/ Play time 30 Manufacturer Devi/ Designer Jose Antonio Abascal Acebo Product Description Checkpoint Charlie is a game of observation deduction and mental agility Watch all the suspects carefully and...

BGDRAGAEN Dragons & Chickens 8+

Rs 1,279.00

For 2 to 5 players Duration 20 minutes For over 8 years Product Description In this game by Josep Maria Allue and Dani Gomez illustrated by Siscu Bellissimo the winning player is first to leave the dungeon with the most treasure Keep a keen...

265200 3D Puzzle Hedgehog

Rs 549.00

My Robotic Pet - Tumbling Hedgehog Get Rolling with Your Own Sound-Activated Robotic Hedgehog! With the 172 building pieces in this kit, you can assemble a real robot that looks like a cute hedgehog. This unique pet has a built-in...

264910 3D Puzzle Chameleon

Rs 549.00

Chameleon 3D Puzzle – Brand new to the Nature Discovery range, these fun 3D Puzzles offer a selection of wild facts about specific animal behavioral traits and the habitats they live in. Designed to inspire children to learn about our...

265020 3D Puzzle Emperor Scorpion

Rs 549.00

Description These fun 3D Puzzles offer a selection of wild facts about specific animal behavioural traits and the habitats they live in.Designed to inspire children to learn about our world and the creatures that live on it, each 3D Puzzle...

550062 Glow Stick Lab 8+

Rs 1,099.00

Make your own glow sticks in three colors Uses non-toxic phosphorescent substances and a special glow stick tube with a built-in ultraviolet light Experiment with different glowing chemicals from around the house Age 8+

510463 My Discovery 3D Microscope 8+

Rs 9,499.00

Binocular lenses makes it easy to use (10x magnification) Ideal as a first high quality microscope No need to prepare slides Any solid object can be viewed Includes everything needed for general fieldwork Age 8+

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