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1665128 MAKERSPACE Kinetic Machines

Rs 1,499.00

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Make five awesome machines and learn about the physics of force, motion, and energy. Construct a rubber band-powered race car that zooms across the floor. Build a catapult and launch objects through the air. Set up a launching...

1665135 Alien Robots

Rs 1,599.00

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Construct ten out-of-this-world machines and learn about the physics of levers and linkages. A battery-powered motor box powers the models. Make a creepy slithering alien snake-bot model with rotating arms and articulating tail. Build an alien insectoid-bot that...

1665203 Molecule Beads 8+

Rs 649.00

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Make plump and squishy polymer gel beads to demonstrate the molecular structure of plastics. Form the gelatinous globules by dripping sodium alginate into a solution containing calcium ions. Learn how massive chains of polymers make these fun squishy...

1665210 Gangster Alarm 8+

Rs 749.00

Part of the popular Three Detectives range Children's toy Requires 2 AAA batteries Age 8+

1665234 3 DETECTIVES Cryptex

Rs 999.00

Three Detectives Cryptex Every detective needs a secret storage solution to keep those important clues safe! With the Cryptex, this is easy. Write a combination number, programme it in and keep the code somewhere safe.

1665258 Multi Spy 8+

Rs 749.00

Unleash your little one’s inner crime detective with the multi-spy. Bought to us by Thames & Kosmos, this gadget has a number of useful and educational parts that will help your detective solve investigations.During a crime scene, any investigator will...

1665277 Bouncy Ball Planets

Rs 649.00

Using a spherical mold and six colors of polymer granules, cast up to six rubbery planet models in minutes. Learn about why the balls form Learn about why the balls bounce. Age 8+

1665289 SPARK LABS - Prehistoric Sea Dogs

Rs 899.00

Prehistoric Sea Dogs Breed your own prehistoric crustaceans! As soon as the eggs are placed in the salty water the larvae hatch, which them grow into small shrimp. Learn how these creatures have survived for millions of years. You can...

1665302 Monster Putty 8+

Rs 649.00

Spark: Monster Putty Use the special putty and plastic parts, to form cool monsters and funny aliens, simply attach the accessories to create your monster! The intelligent putty changes within a few minutes due to its special characteristics. Age 8+

1665333 Digital Safe 8+

Rs 1,749.00

Three Detectives Digital Safe Do you have key pieces of evidence or secret documents that need storing in a safe place? Using the digital safe you can reliably protect these valuable objects from robbers and spies Age 8+

264910 3D Puzzle Chameleon

Rs 549.00

Chameleon 3D Puzzle – Brand new to the Nature Discovery range, these fun 3D Puzzles offer a selection of wild facts about specific animal behavioral traits and the habitats they live in. Designed to inspire children to learn about our...

265020 3D Puzzle Emperor Scorpion

Rs 549.00

Description These fun 3D Puzzles offer a selection of wild facts about specific animal behavioural traits and the habitats they live in.Designed to inspire children to learn about our world and the creatures that live on it, each 3D Puzzle...

265200 3D Puzzle Hedgehog

Rs 549.00

My Robotic Pet - Tumbling Hedgehog Get Rolling with Your Own Sound-Activated Robotic Hedgehog! With the 172 building pieces in this kit, you can assemble a real robot that looks like a cute hedgehog. This unique pet has a built-in...

510463 My Discovery 3D Microscope 8+

Rs 9,499.00

Binocular lenses makes it easy to use (10x magnification) Ideal as a first high quality microscope No need to prepare slides Any solid object can be viewed Includes everything needed for general fieldwork Age 8+

550001 Slime Time

Rs 1,099.00

Construct an electro-goop powered battery Use it to juice up a digital clock Learn about electrochemical reactions, electrodes and batteries Suitable for children 8+

550009 Crystal Nightlight

Rs 1,499.00

Grow a big beautiful crystal Assemble a special platform to display it with a color-changing LED circuit inside Learn about crystal formation and LED technology Suitable for children 8+

550014 Ultralight Airplanes 8+

Rs 1,099.00

Construct awesome flying gliders with ultralight plastic and bamboo parts Build five different types of planes with different wing configurations Learn how wings provide lift and how planes stay up in the air Suitable for Children 8+

550062 Glow Stick Lab 8+

Rs 1,099.00

Make your own glow sticks in three colors Uses non-toxic phosphorescent substances and a special glow stick tube with a built-in ultraviolet light Experiment with different glowing chemicals from around the house Age 8+

555004 Remote Control Machines 8+

Rs 4,499.00

Build your own motorized vehicles and machines Unique six button infrared remote control Three motors can be combined to make complex vehicles and machines in numerous configurations Assemble up to 10 models Kit comes with everything you need

567001 Stepping into Science 5+

Rs 2,999.00

Introduction to scientific inquiry for preschoolers and kindergarteners Learn about plants, physics, chemistry, air, and water Easy-to-follow illustrated experiments Begin a lifetime of scientific investigation and understanding with 25 fun experiments in five key areas: nature, physics, chemistry, air, and...

567002 Intro to Engineering 5+

Rs 1,999.00

Intro to Engineering welcomes young children to the field of engineering with 21 experiments and building projects in five sections. By engaging in hands-on activities, children will learn how engineers apply their scientific and technical knowledge to design machines and...

567003 The Human Body 5+

Rs 1,999.00

Learn how the body works by experimenting with the five senses Discover the organs, skeleton, muscles, and circulatory system Fun, hands-on experiments make human biology accessible Learn about the human body by doing experiments with your five senses that show...

567006 Automobile Engineer

Rs 3,699.00

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Durable storage case 32-page illustrated storybook Read the funny story of two inquisitive kids and build simple models of the vehicles they encounter on their comical trip to the supermarket with their dad. Along this roundabout journey, the...

567009 Robot Engineer 3+

Rs 3,699.00

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Durable storage case 32-page illustrated storybook Read the funny story of two inquisitive kids, Ty and Karlie, and build simple, non-motorized models of the robots they construct and fix during their adventure to an automated candy factory. During...

585001 Happy Atoms Complete Set (50 Atoms)10+

Rs 8,899.00

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Chemistry is the science of materials, their properties, and how they react with each other. All materials are made of atoms. Why do some atoms combine with each other while other atoms do not? Because atoms just want...

585002 Happy Atoms Introductory Set (17 Atoms) 10+

Rs 3,599.00

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Chemistry is the science of materials, their properties, and how they react with each other. All materials are made of atoms. Why do some atoms combine with each other while other atoms do not? Because atoms just want...

606115 Kids First Plants Science

Rs 1,399.00

Experiment with leaves, seeds and roots Watch a plant grow through a maze Sprout seeds and watch them grow Suitable for children age 5+

606916 Kids First Stars and Planets

Rs 1,399.00

Moving solar system guide. Star tube, good item. Make a model earth. 18 page activity and instruction book. Box 7.75"/19.5cm.

620302 SIGNATURE Tightrope Gyrobot

Rs 2,999.00

A robot fit for the circus! With this kit, you can build a robot that walks, step by step, along a tightrope. How? Thanks to the robot’s main component, a gyroscope, it can maintain its balance and perform this fun...

620365 Geckobot 8+

Rs 2,599.00

Product Description This astonishing wall-climbing robot has a motorized air suction system that enables it to walk vertically up and down perfectly smooth surfaces, like glass, plastic, whiteboards, and glossy laminates. The battery-powered motor drives an innovative gear system that...

620375 SIGNATURE Robotics Smart Machines

Rs 9,999.00

Robotics is a vast, thrilling, and sometimes overwhelming interdisciplinary field involving physics, engineering, and computer science. This kit gives kids a simple, fun, and customisable introduction to robotics that lets them build eight motorised machines controlled by programs and an...

620377 Robotics Workshop 10+

Rs 12,999.00

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Build and program robots with this complete robotics engineering system. Using sensors, motors, a core controller, and hundreds of snap-together building pieces, you can follow the instructions to assemble ten different robots. The versatile parts also allow you...

620417 Electricity & Magnetism

Rs 3,699.00

Investigate the relationship between electrity and magnetism Explore electricity with easy snap-together blocks Experiment with a motor and electromagnet Ages 8 and up can safely and easily experiment with electric currents and magnetic fields Suitable for children 8+

624811 Hydropower 8+

Rs 2,599.00

Product Description A Parent's Choice Recommended Award Winner! Hydropower has been used for hundreds of years in watermills and is now commonly used to generate electricity in applications such as hydroelectric dams and tidal power plants. Explore the power of...

625314 PHYSICS - Physics Pro

Rs 7,999.00

Build some really spectacular models and devices, such as a wind tunnel, pneumatic shocks, and a hydraulic lift Begin your study of more advanced topics in physics, including fluid dynamics, energy, oscillation, hydraulics, and pneumatics You will investigate how air...

625416 Architectural Engineering

Rs 2,599.00

Soaring spires, towering arches, fascinatingly complex curves and angles! Build your foundation in architectural design with this fascinating STEM experiment kit that explores the engineering principles behind planning and developing buildings and structures. Through model building exercises you play the...

626037 Pepper Mint Fantastic Underwater Voyage 8+

Rs 2,099.00

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION In this story-based STEM kit, Pepper Mint accompanies an expedition to the Bermuda Triangle. Soon she discovers that the ocean water there behaves in strange and unexpected ways. When the onboard systems of the research vessel fail, Pepper...

630912 3 DETECTIVES Master Detective Toolkit

Rs 3,699.00

Learn about how detectives use forensic science to answer questions, gather evidence, and solve crimes Experiment with the equipment and techniques used by real detectives Learn about securing a crime scene, and gathering and documenting evidence, including fingerprints, footprints, and...

642921 Kids First Chemistry Set 8+

Rs 3,299.00

48-page, full-color instruction manu introductory chemistry set designed specifically for young kids Conduct experiments to identify different chemicals Discover the invisible gas carbon dioxide and its very visible effects Suitable for children 8+

644895 Glowing Chemistry

Rs 2,099.00

Explore the fascinating world of chemical reactions that produce light, called chemiluminescence You will discover how the natural world is full of luminous mysteries Suitable fro children 10+

665002 Genetics & DNA (V 2.0) 8+

Rs 1,949.00

Learn the basics of genetics and DNA. Assemble a model to see the elegant double-stranded Helical structure of DNA. A parents' Choice Gold award winner 20 experiments in the 48 page full color experiment manual and learning guide Product Description...

665036 Motors & Generators 8+

Rs 1,949.00

Learn how an electric motor converts electricity into motion Explore how an electric generator converts motion into electricity Observe the motor's inner working through its transparent plastic Discover how magnetic fields relate to electric current New 2012 item - includes...

665068 Solar Mechanics

Rs 1,949.00

Build 20 solar-powered models including cars, trucks, Planes, and Robots Learn about solar power in a fun and hands-on way Kit includes a unique photovoltaic Cell and electronic motor Building pieces are compatible with all Thames & Kosmos physics and...

665069 EXPLORATION Simple Machines

Rs 2,799.00

An elementary introduction to mechanical physics Builds 26 working models Models can be assembled and disassembled again and again Combine the pieces to create your own configurations, limited only by your imagination

665081 Volcanoes & Earthquakes 10+

Rs 1,949.00

Model volcano erupts multiples times, allowing the "lava" to form the volcanic cone in layers Build a working seismograph Supports National Geographics mission to inspire people to care about the planet by helping kits learn about science in a fun...

680286 MAGIC Rabbits Hat Wand (1 Wand unit)

Rs 249.00

Every magician needs a wand! With this special magic wand, you can practice and perform ten awesome magic tricks. Make the wand appear to levitate in front of you. Wow your audience when the wand magically lifts itself up in...

690335 Lost Cities Rivals 10+

Rs 859.00

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Use your cards to venture down expedition routes that take you to far-flung and mysterious corners of the Earth: to an abandoned mountain temple, a decaying circle of stone, a city sunken under the sea, an ancient Stone-Age...

690823 Brain Waves: The Brilliant Boar 8+

Rs 859.00

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION In Brainwaves: The Brilliant Boar, each player takes cards showing different animal portraits on their reverse sides into their hand. They can look at the cards briefly when they draw them, but then must face the cards away...

690861 Brain Waves The Wise Whale 8+

Rs 859.00

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION In Brainwaves: The Wise Whale, players lay nine cards showing different colorful sea creatures face down after trying to memorize which creatures are on which cards. During a player’s turn, they reveal a new card from the deck....

691059 Tribes 10+

Rs 2,199.00

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Experience 30,000 years of civilization in 45 minutes. Tribes: Dawn of Humanity is a civilization game with quick turns and fast rounds. The players lead their tribes in short, fast turns through the early history of humanity to...

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