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Geek & Co - Sci


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550062 Glow Stick Lab 8+

Rs 1,099.00

Make your own glow sticks in three colors Uses non-toxic phosphorescent substances and a special glow stick tube with a built-in ultraviolet light Experiment with different glowing chemicals from around the house Age 8+

550014 Ultralight Airplanes 8+

Rs 1,099.00

Construct awesome flying gliders with ultralight plastic and bamboo parts Build five different types of planes with different wing configurations Learn how wings provide lift and how planes stay up in the air Suitable for Children 8+

550009 Crystal Nightlight

Rs 1,499.00

Grow a big beautiful crystal Assemble a special platform to display it with a color-changing LED circuit inside Learn about crystal formation and LED technology Suitable for children 8+

550001 Slime Time

Rs 1,099.00

Construct an electro-goop powered battery Use it to juice up a digital clock Learn about electrochemical reactions, electrodes and batteries Suitable for children 8+