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Exploration Series


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665002 Genetics & DNA (V 2.0) 8+

Rs 1,949.00

Learn the basics of genetics and DNA. Assemble a model to see the elegant double-stranded Helical structure of DNA. A parents' Choice Gold award winner 20 experiments in the 48 page full color experiment manual and learning guide Product Description...

665081 Volcanoes & Earthquakes 10+

Rs 1,949.00

Model volcano erupts multiples times, allowing the "lava" to form the volcanic cone in layers Build a working seismograph Supports National Geographics mission to inspire people to care about the planet by helping kits learn about science in a fun...

665068 Solar Mechanics

Rs 1,949.00

Build 20 solar-powered models including cars, trucks, Planes, and Robots Learn about solar power in a fun and hands-on way Kit includes a unique photovoltaic Cell and electronic motor Building pieces are compatible with all Thames & Kosmos physics and...

665036 Motors & Generators 8+

Rs 1,949.00

Learn how an electric motor converts electricity into motion Explore how an electric generator converts motion into electricity Observe the motor's inner working through its transparent plastic Discover how magnetic fields relate to electric current New 2012 item - includes...