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Dollhouse and Fold & Go


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2583 Bedroom Furniture Set 6+

Rs 1,999.00

This elegant five-piece bedroom set is full of tasteful touches. This set includes soft, durable bedding for the queen-sized bed and a reflective mirror on the dressing table. The handcrafted wooden pieces are exceptionally detailed with brass knobs, carved frames...

2584 Bathroom Furniture Set 6+

Rs 1,999.00

This exquisite four-piece bathroom set has everything needed for this very "necessary" room. This set includes handcrafted wooden pieces that are elegantly detailed with brass knobs, carved frames and a toilet seat that opens and closes. The luxurious pedestal sink...

4504 Victorian Dollhouse 6+

Rs 9,999.00

It's all in the details: this sturdy, wooden Victorian-style dollhouse has 6 rooms and 3 floors. It features updated white, pink and gray exterior artwork, including intricately-patterned gables and friezes, illustrated brackets and latticework. Sturdy wooden construction: The Melissa &...