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BGPAREN Paris - City of Light

Rs 1,629.00

Light up the streets of Paris and give the city its magic with this 2-Player board game, Paris:La Cit de la Lumire, where strategy and glamour walk hand in hand. Go back to the 19thcentury Paris, during the Worlds Fair,...

BGMONEN The Colour Monster 8+

Rs 2,799.00

he Colour Monster is a unique board game that encourages discussion of our different emotions and aids in helping to understand them. Players need to collaborate to help the Monster figure out his emotions (Happiness, Sadness, Anger, Fear or Calm)...

BGCHECKEN Checkpoint Charlie 8+

Rs 1,279.00

Age range 10 and up/ Number of players 3 to 5/ Play time 30 Manufacturer Devi/ Designer Jose Antonio Abascal Acebo Product Description Checkpoint Charlie is a game of observation deduction and mental agility Watch all the suspects carefully and...

BGDRAGAEN Dragons & Chickens 8+

Rs 1,279.00

For 2 to 5 players Duration 20 minutes For over 8 years Product Description In this game by Josep Maria Allue and Dani Gomez illustrated by Siscu Bellissimo the winning player is first to leave the dungeon with the most treasure Keep a keen...