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Twinkling Star Glitter Wings

Rs 1,099.00
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  • These wings feature glitter galore! Our wing experts have designed a new set, with irridescent star shaped confetti between each segment of these twinkling star wings. This means as your little fairy flutters around, the stars will slide about magically - matching every dancing step. Further embellished with pink irredescent glitter for extra shine, and finished with a glitter star and tulle poof on the back. These wings arrive packaged gift ready in a tricot bag.
  • These wings are 17” long x 21” wide and the elastic is satin covered for extra comfort and size flexibility.
  • What makes our costumes different? Given our 30+ year history in garment manufacturing. We have brought all our know-how to make our wings wonderful! From top quality textiles that will support a lot of play, to attendion to detail like satin covered elastic & size flexibility, this is not a toy that is destined for the trash - but a classic accessory ready for your child to enjoy!!
  • All Great Pretenders products are tested to meet & exceed North American & European Safety Standards.
  • Perfect for Hallowe’en, Costume & Birthday Parties, Dance, Dressup Chests, Photoshoots, Everyday & Pretend Play, Montessori / Waldorf Screen Free Learning, Dancewear, Self Play & Tickle Trunks!