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Rapunzel Hat with Braid

Rs 1,099.00
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  • What's the only thing better than a Princess Hat? A RAPUNZEL Hat! Re-enact The Brother's Grimm's classic tale with this Fairytale Hat as an inspiring start off point. This glittering princess hat is all you need to transform into a mystical royal! Foam-backed velour is embellished with mettallic trims and a large, soft braid. Glitter printed organza cascades from the top of the hat. A thin elastic can either be tucked away or used to secure the hat in place for princess adventures!
  • This princess hat is made in Canada – & is made to LAST! Stop Buying cheap products that will directly break, these hats are Made in North America, and have the quality to prove it!
  • Lightweight & will not cause headaches. Designed for maximum comfort! This hat is designed to fit children - and does not include any rigid parts so it will not always stay fully pointy, however the comfort factor is 10/10! Size Flexible, the ULTIMATE Princess Accessory!
  • Rapunzel, Rapunzel¦now you can really let down your hair without a care! All Great Pretenders products are tested to meet & exceed North American & European Safety Standards.
  • Perfect for Hallowe’en, Costume & Birthday Parties, Dance, Dressup Chests, Photoshoots, Everyday & Pretend Play, Montessori / Waldorf Screen Free Learning, Dancewear, Self Play & Tickle Trunks!