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The Captain Cross hat is the captain’s old hat from his time as an admiral, which has been adjusted to his new venture as a pirate. The skull and crossbones with crossing blades as a motif should leave no doubt that the captain no longer takes orders from others but decides for himself. No one knows the fate of the one responsible for the two bullet holes in the captain’s hat, but it would be very foolish to defy Captain Cross.

  • 3 years+ | Toys for active, pretend play and imaginative challenges 
  • Part of toy line based on the tale of the Captain Cross 
  • Made from satin polyester that insures fun, safety and durability 
  • Safety tested according to European and American standards 
  • Perfect for halloween, birthdays, dress up parties or as a gift idea 
  • Danish designed toys created with care 
  • Focus on sustainability through durability to do away with the throw away mentality which saves the environment the need to buy unnecessary replacements