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New Cinderella Dress - 7/8

Rs 3,299.00
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Gorgeous Great Pretenders costume consisting of a black necklace and a princess dress in light blue and white with silver details.

If your child can not get enough of Cinderella, then this adorable dress will be a sure hit. The child can dress up as Princess Cinderella and dance with the prince to the ballet at the castle.

The Great Pretenders necklace consists of black satin with a silver stone shaped like a heart. The necklace is opened with velcro.

The princess dress has short sleeves consisting of a ruffle edge in white with silver glitter. The top consists of light blue velour with silver glitter and silver details. On the front, there is a silver-colored stone shaped like a heart. At the waist, there is a narrow elastic, which gives the skirt a good width.

The skirt of the dress consists of four layers of different lengths. The outer layer is white with silver glitter and a curved shape, which gives the dress extra fullness. The two middle layers consist of light blue tulle with silver glitter and light blue satin. The inner layer consists of smooth woven polyester. In addition, two narrow rings are sewn into the dress's inner skirt, so that the skirt gets extra fullness.