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510869 My Discovery Giant Triops

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My Discovery Giant Triops

Triops are Crustaceans that are known from fossil records to have existed up to 300,000,000 years ago. This starter kit contains everything you need for successfully hatching Triops eggs – including feed and complete facilities for rearing and observation – so you can be close to the action when the small crustaceans hatch. In only a few days, they will hatch, change their armour, dart through the water and even breed!

The European species of Triops (Triops Cancriformus) can grow up to three times the size of other Triops! Watch on with amazement as these prehistoric crustaceans grow and learn how they have survived for millions of years.

Our guarantee: Triops eggs in all Thames & Kosmos sets come exclusively from controlled and sustainable laboratory breeding and are not taken from the wild.

Age 8+