Magnoidz Erupting Volcano Science Kit

Magnoidz Erupting Volcano Science Kit

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Learn about geology with the Magnoidz 'Erupting Volcano' experiment kit! Box comes with an educational booklet packed with explosive volcano facts!

Become an expert in geology and educate your friends and family with a huge range of fun facts! From where you can find them, the good and bad things about volcanoes, eruption facts and more!

This explosive experimentation science kit contains instructions for 5 experiments including;

  • Experiment 1: Overflow!
  • Experiment 2: Layers of Lava
  • Experiment 3: Flowing Freely? Slow & Steady?
  • Experiment 4: Into the Air!
  • Experiment 5: Explosive Energy!


  • Instruction and Educational Resource booklet included
  • What's in the box?: 1 x volcano model; 1 x base; 1 x mini container; 1 x crater cap; 1 x 25ml syringe; 1 x tube; 1 x magma gel mix; 1 x measuring spoon; 1 x coloured sand. 
  • 23cm
  • Recommended for 6+ years