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696175 Lost Cities: The Board Game 10+

Rs 2,199.00
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The expedition can start. Five cities that have gone down need to be discovered: the Lost Cities. Players send their adventurers off on different paths. Who will be the most successful at the end and get the greatest glory A map in the colour of the path must be laid out per step. In order for the figure to take another step on this path, another card is created, but only with the same or higher value. The first fields of a path introduce minus points, rich plus points are only available when the figure has discovered the Lost City at the end of the path. On the way, however, there are opportunities to increase your own balance or to move forward more quickly. Luck in pulling cards and skill in playing - only those who find the right mix will end up at the front!

For 2-4 players over 10 years old