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27000LT - Knight Sword, Golden Eagle- Sword - Golden Eagle - EVA FOAM BOYS

Rs 799.00
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The Golden Eagle sword is the most important weapon for a Golden Eagle knight. The blade of the sword is gold-plated and the handle is upholstered in red twine for a comfortable grip. As a tribute to the golden eagle, which in its time saved the knight clan, a gold motif adorns the counterweight of a Golden Eagle sword, just as the pairing hoop is decorated with a real diamond. With this sword, every Golden Eagle knight is equipped to take up the fight against an advancing enemy.

  • 3 years + | Toys for active play and imaginative challenges  
  • Part of a toy  series  based on the story of the "Golden Eagle" 
  • Flexible EVA foam that ensures fun, safety and durability 
  • Safety tested  according to European and American safety standards 
  • Perfect for Shrovetide, birthday, costume party, Halloween or as a gift idea 
  • Danish designed toy  created with care 
  • Focus on  sustainability  in terms of durability to avoid "use and throw away" which protects the environment from unnecessary purchases of replacements