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8543 Track & Rescue Safari Animals Play Set 3+

Rs 2,299.00
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Kids will go wild for this 30-piece play set! Use the compass and red lens to follow paw-print tracks and go on safari to find and rescue three top-quality 8.50-inch plush pals (rhino, lion, and elephant). Treat ailments and injuries with realistic accessories, like bandages, a syringe, and an ointment tub, clip on ID ear tags, and reward with yummy treats. Keep track of equipment needed to go on rescue missions and expeditions, and learn fun facts about the animals with reusable activity cards!


  • 30-piece pretend play wild animal expedition play set with a plush rhino, lion, and elephant (approximately 8.5-inch/22 cm) and tracking and rescue essentials
  • Includes 3-IN-1 tool (compass, red lens, magnifying glass) for exploring and tracking on safari
  • Treat and rescue animals with syringe, Tweezers, bandage, and ointment tub; reward them with pretend play food treats
  • Activity cards include fun animal facts and "rescue mission" ideas; includes 12 Paw print tracking cards to set up and follow
  • Not intended for use with real animals


  • Product: 10.5" x 3.5" x 13.5" Packaged 1.5 lbs
  • Package: 13.5" H x 10.7" W x 3.5" L
Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • FIND NORTH: Hold the compass flat in your palm at waist height. Note that the red arrow on the needle always points north. Turn your body slowly until the red arrow covers the N on the compass--you're now facing north! Try pointing east, south, and west.

  • CARING MATTERS: Review the Track & Rescue checklist and talk about how each item is used. Sort the accessories into items used to "track," those used to "rescue," and those with other uses.

  • SAFARI STORIES: Draw pictures and tell a story about going on a mission to track and rescue all three of the safari animals! Give the animals names and personalities, and include some fun facts about each in your story.