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5501 Let's Play House! Grocery Shelf Boxes 3+

Rs 599.00
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Keep cupboards and shelves stocked with fun! Ten boxes of pretend cereal, snacks and sweets and a reusable shopping list will satisfy hungry imaginations at playtime! Perfect for play kitchens, restaurants, grocery stores, shopping baskets and more!


  • 10 realistic food boxes to stock a play kitchen, grocery store, shopping cart, and more
  • Box designs include raisins, cereal, cookies, pancake mix, popcorn, macaroni and cheese, instant pudding, spaghetti, crackers, granola bars
  • Pre-assembled in different sizes and shapes
  • Promotes creative, independent play
  • Ages 3+


  • Product: 8.25" x 13" x 3.75" Packaged 0.95 lbs
  • Package: 15.2" H x 10" W x 2.2" L
Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • SORT & COUNT: Have kids sort the boxes by size and count how many are in each group, then the total number of boxes.

  • TASTY TREATS: Have kids identify the food items and describe how each tastes, how it's prepared, and how it might be served. Have them divide the boxes by types of food, such as sweet and savory.

  • TOWER POWER: Divide the boxes into three unequal groups and ask kids to predict which group can make the highest tower. Have kids build the towers to find out if their guess was right. Be sure to let them knock down the towers, too!

  • PICKY EATER: Have kids set up a dining table for a stuffed animal or doll and pretend it is a very picky eater. Challenge kids to try to convice the stuffed animal or doll to try a bite of each type of food by describing all the best things about it!

  • MIXED UP MEALS: Give kids three boxes and ask them to invent a silly recipe using the three ingredients. Have them describe what the finished dish would tast like, how it would be served, and which family members or friends would be brave enough to try it! Then have them choose three boxes for you to make up a recipe.