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900 HGV12 - J! Hot Wheels Monster Truck Raceway Play Set

Rs 5,479.00
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• Race down the Hot Wheels® Monster Trucks Wreckin' Raceway™ to win the Titan Cup and secure bragging rights!
• The set comes with 2 Hot Wheels® Monster Trucks Bigfoot™ and Gunkster™ to kick off the competition.
• Release trucks from the fair-start gate and cheer them on as they destroy crushable cars, plow through a roadblock and evade snapping crocodiles.
• First truck to smash into the cave triggers an explosion that wipes out the bridge and sends the included announcer guy and second-place vehicle flying! It also reveals the trophy!
• The playset is inspired by the downhill races from the 'Tournament of Titans' YouTube series and makes a great gift for kids 4 years old and older.


Find out who's the fastest and toughest Monster Truck as they compete in the Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Wreckin' Raceway! Inspired by the epic downhill races from the "Tournament of Titans" YouTube series, Bigfoot and Gunkster smash and crash down the mountain, over crushable cars and through a series of obstacles to blast through the cave to claim the coveted Titan Cup. First truck over the bridge triggers an "explosion", sending second place - and the announcer - flying. The set folds for portability and easy storage. Colours and decorations may vary.

Age 4 Years+
Brand Hot Wheels, Mattel
Pack Size Each