57285 Midnight Dragon Cape, Dk Blue, SIZE US 5-6

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Tough dark blue dress cape Midnight Dragon from Great Pretenders is easy to put on over your clothes, so turn yourself into a real cool night dragon at 1-2-3! With velcro slutiing at the neck Size: 5-6 Washing advice: wash on a cold circuit - do not bleach - do not dry - do not iron Great Pretenders is a great Canadian children's brand - founded in 1989 - with a great collection of fancy dress costumes and accessories in beautiful (velor) fabric. All of them of high quality, designed with an eye for detail and ideal for children to stimulate their creativity and imagination from the very beginning. What do you want to be today? A heroic superhero, cute ladybug or tough knight? Great Pretenders believes that dressing up is more than just putting on a costume. It is an ideal outlet for feelings and fears, plus role play helps children express and develop themselves. Discover all the great dress up outfits from this great Canadian brand and let their fairytale live on in your imagination!