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33131 Roberto Lloron

Rs 3,999.00
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Lifelike baby doll Roberto with blonde hair from the exclusive brand Llorens 33 cm. The body is made of fabric, the arms, legs and head are made of vinyl. This baby doll has a small sound mechanism in the belly. The sound is activated with the teat. The doll starts crying and says mommy and daddy. The sound stops when the doll gets the teat in the mouth. When the teat is not in the mouth the sound stops after 3 times. She has speaking blue eyes. The hair is easy to comb.

Clothing : white and blue pantsuit, blue hat, socks and sweater.

Clothing and teat included. Packed in a nice giftbox. 

From 3 years

Munecas Llorens treats all his dolls with the greatest care by using high quality materials. The dolls are made entirely in Spain and each time a small piece of their heart is added to each of their dolls