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231 6063925 - J! Cool Maker Fashion Studio 8+

Rs 4,119.00
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• The battery-powered Stitch n Style machine from Cool Maker is the ideal introduction to sewing. The annoying threading of the needle is eliminated thanks to the thread cartridge and the auto-stop technology offers additional safety.
• The pre-threaded needle is integrated into the thread cartridge, which is simply clicked into the Stitch n Style machine. So it's just a matter of clicking in, switching on, getting started.
• The sewing machine is equipped with sensors that register whether fabric is under the needle. If there is no fabric, the machine stops automatically, helping children to stay in control at all times.
• Includes six sewing projects made of trendy patterned fabric: shoulder bag, belly bag/clutch, sunglasses case, soft toy, scrunchie, hair band/bandana as well as water sticker with application sponge and thread cartridge with 90 meters of white thread.
• You can personalise your creations with the Hydro prints. The stickers are applied for the projects with the moistened sponge. So simple, so cool maker.


New sewing machine from Cool Maker. Learn to sew all on your own! No need to thread the needle it comes with 90 meters of thread preloaded into a sewing cartridge. Sensors ensure that the machine only sews if there is fabric under the needle! Simply cut out the desired project according to the template, click the thread cartridge into the machine and sewing! Personalise your creations with Hydro prints! The six included projects are a shoulder bag, clutch, a stuffed animal, a sunglasses case, a scrunchie and a headscarf or bandana. After sewing the contained projects, you can download further inspiration from the website or make your own creations! Simply buy your favourite fabric,

Age 8 Years+
Brand Cool Maker, Spin Master