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16003LT Z-Cape, Z Bandit Line 3+

Rs 1,599.00 Rs 800.00
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The Z-Bandit cloak is crucial for the Z-Bandit’s safety as it covers the justice-hungry avenger, so his identity remains unknown. The black cloak makes the Z-Bandit almost invisible in the gloom and darkness of the night. The only thing you can see is the shiny gold Z that serves as a warning for anyone with sinister ulterior motives.

  • 3 years+ | Toys for active, pretend play and imaginative challenges 
  • Part of toy line based on the legend of the masked avenger Z-Bandit 
  • Made from satin polyester that insures fun, safety and durability 
  • Safety tested according to European and American standards 
  • Perfect for halloween, birthdays, dress up parties or as a gift idea 
  • Danish designed toys created with care 
  • Focus on sustainability through durability to do away with the throw away mentality which saves the environment the need to buy unnecessary replacements