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Birthday Planning

Birthday Planning

All Birthday Packages include


 Before the Birthday Party begins

 • The choice of the Birthday theme

 • The selection of the menu, highlighting any food allergies

 • The host access to to organise the event, including the option to send and follow up the invitation digitally.

• Come and visit ToyShop for special offer

• Your choice of cake

 • Birthday celebration Schedule to be agreed

 • Any special request 

• Any Add on.


During the Birthday Party:

• The option to watch on the VIK LED screen the highlights of the previous birthdays. via a pen drive prior to the party.

• You will receive your online Birthday Souvenir Album some days after the event.


Our schedule suggestion:

1. Welcoming the birthday child and his or her guests in VIK Room

2. Doodland KidsClub discovering time.

3. Finger Buffet and drink

4. Game Times; for example Punching a Hole

5. Birthday Songs & Birthday Cake ( photo op )

6. Distribution of Doody Bags to children

7. Ce n’est qu’un au revoir. ( Auld Lang Syne)


Food and Beverage