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Magnoidz Bubbling Lava Experiment Kit 7+

Rs 349.00

Our water into the flask and add the special ingredients... watch as the lava starts to bubble! 

Magnoidz Night Sky Projector

Rs 649.00

Create outer space patterns on your bedroom ceiling with this clever projector torch. You can also keep it on your bedside as a night torch.

MAGNOIDZ Geology Fun Tube Kits

Rs 299.00

Fun Tube Kits

MAGNOIDZ Science Fun Tube Kits

Rs 329.00

Make Your Own 

Magnoidz Storm Glass

Rs 999.00

The Storm Glass uses the changing air pressure and temperature to predict the weather outside

Magnoidz Kinetic Pendulum

Rs 699.00

Magnoidz Gadgets

Magnoidz Mini Pin Art

Rs 599.00

Magnoidz Gadgets   

Magnoidz Plasma Ball

Rs 1,499.00

This classic light illuminates in time with your music and also attracts to your hand when placed on the lamp! Cool and classy, this will provide hours of lighting fun

Magnoidz Liquid Timer

Rs 599.00

Flowing liquid can count down the time in a unique way. Watch the liquid flow as the time counts down – perfect addition for any child’s room.

Magnoidz Kinetic Mobile

Rs 1,199.00

Watch this Kinetic Mobile spin around & around - perfect for those with inquisitive minds!

Magnoidz Space Projector Torch 7+

Rs 399.00

Projector Torch

Magnoidz Microscope & Telescope 7+

Rs 499.00

The Pocket Telescope and Microscope combines 2 scientific instruments in one! Use the whole ‘pen style’ unit as a telescope to view distant objects at 8X magnification. To take a closer look at bugs and objects remove the end to...

Magnoidz Make Your Own Wind Up Clock 7+

Rs 1,199.00

This is a science kit with a difference! Both sides of the wind-up clock are transparent, meaning that the workings of the clock are completely visible. So rather than being a tool to help children learn how to tell the...

Magnoidz Erupting Volcano Science Kit

Rs 799.00

Learn about geology with the Magnoidz 'Erupting Volcano' experiment kit! Box comes with an educational booklet packed with explosive volcano facts! Become an expert in geology and educate your friends and family with a huge range of fun facts! From where...

Magnoidz Roots & Shoots Science Kit 7+

Rs 699.00

The Magnoidz 'Roots & Shoots' kit allows you to observe plant growth that normally occurs hidden underground.  Do you know how roots grow?  When does a plant open its seed leaves?  Let’s learn the answers to these questions! Features Educational Resource Booklet...

Magnoidz Paper Making Science Kit 7+

Rs 699.00

Learn how to make paper with the Magnoidz 'Paper Making' science kit! Each kit contains an educational resource booklet packed with interesting facts on how paper is made. Impress your friends with your knowledge on paper making and learn about all...

Magnoidz Science Of Bubbles Science Kit 7+

Rs 699.00

Discover the secrets of soap bubbles with the Magnoidz ‘Science of Bubbles’ Science Kit! This fun and educational science kit is packed with experiments and interesting facts about the science of bubbles. Learn the secrets of soap bubbles and how...

Magnoidz Static Shocker Science Kit 7+

Rs 799.00

Give your child a cognitive work-out with Magnoidz Science Kits! Learn about Static Electricity with Magnoidz 'Static Shocker' experiment. Another great addition to the Magnoidz Science Kit range, the ‘Static Shocker’ kit provides a fun learning experience about static electricity....

Magnoidz Electrolysis in Colour Science Kit 7+

Rs 699.00

Give the gift of knowledge with the Magnoidz Electrolysis in Colour Science Kit! Learn about chemistry with Magnoidz science experiment kits for kids! Magnoidz Science Kits provide a fun learning experience to challenge young inquisitive minds. Learn about why liquids can change colour based...

Magnoidz Litmus Paper Science Kit 7+

Rs 699.00

The Magnoidz Litmus Paper Science Kit is the perfect gift for a budding chemist! Learn all about chemistry with Magnoidz! Magnoidz Science Kits provide a fun learning experience to challenge inquisitive minds. This fun and educational kit contains components to carry out 5...